Chapter 2: Dialects

Exercise 2.1

Answer true or false.

  1. Dialects in peripheral areas tend to retain historically older forms.
  2. Most Okinawan dialects have only three short vowels, /a, e, o/.
  3. The Nagoya dialect has fewer vowels than the Tokyo dialect.
  4. In many dialects in Tohoku, /i/ and /u/ are centralized as /ï/.
  5. In the Kagoshima dialect, pitch accent falls either on the final or the next to the final syllable.
  6. In the Kagoshima dialect, some syllables in the word-final position are realized as a glottal stop.
  7. The Tokyo dialect has more accentual patters than the Osaka dialect.
  8. In accentless dialects, no two words are differentiated solely by pitch accent.

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